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LYF Token

The Next Generation Medical Finance Blockchain

Lillian identifies needs, opportunities and problems in health care, then employs a next generation financing system to make change happen faster. From the lab bench to billing, from diagnostics to data management, Lillian launches and supports projects that break down the barriers to new knowledge and surmount the siloing that too often makes care inefficient, ineffective and inhuman.

V2 Contract:


V2 Roadmap

Lillan White  Icon Logo.png

LYF Token

(V2) Lillian Token Roadmap


  • Airdrop Migration from V1 (with 7% bonus for V1 holders) prior to V2 launch. ✅

  • Multisig Dev Wallets with .ETH domains. ✅

    • ​LillianFinanceLLC.ETH

    • LillianBayFoundationINC.ETH

    • LillianTreasury.ETH

    • LillianRewards.ETH

  • Locked Liquidity. ✅

  • Locked Contract.

  • CMC, CoinGecko. ✅

  • Web3 Dynamic Dashboard Launch.

  • Smart Contract Audit. ✅

  • Marketing Campaign Launch.

    • Monthly Twitter AMAs ✅

    • International Digital Billboard Campaigns

    • Development/Launch of Lillian YouTube ✅

  • CEX Listings.

    • Target Populations

      • East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia (Q3 - 2023) ✅

      • Western Asia, Europe (Q4 - 2023)

      • North America, South America (2024)

  • Treasury System Voting.

    • Token allocations can be used for Listings, Buybacks, Burns, etc.

    • Must be an Active Holder to Vote (web3 wallet verification through Dynamic Dashboard System)

    • Votes to be held once per quarter.​​​​

  • Expansion of Utility.

    • dApp and Lillian Ecosystem Development to extend functionality and utility through additional assets and resources..

    • Funding of Surgeries, Genetic Testing, and Research through the Lillian Bay Foundation.

  • Supporter Reward Platform.

    • Strategic Crypto Partnerships will allow supporters to be rewarded for holding Lillian through airdrops of digital assets from projects that we have partnered with.

  • Staking/Farming Platform Launch.

    • Smart Contract Reflections Allocated to Staking/Farming APR.

  • “Project Stargazer” Launch.

    • Redefines Taxes/Tokenomics

    • Allows the Smart Contract Taxes to be Turned Off Indefinitely

  • Cross-Chain Development (Beyond ERC-20).

  • Lillian Bloom.

  • Lillian Bridge.



Lillan White  Icon Logo.png

LYF Token

Buy Tax

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Sell Tax

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Lillian Enhances

Targeting areas of research and practice where real needs have been neglected and the growth of medical systems has made communication and collaboration almost impossible. The result: valuable products don’t exist or take too long to come to market, too many of us receive spotty and ineffective care, and everyone pays too much for it.


Lillian Empowers

At every level of the financial spectrum by creating a stable and accessible financing vehicle to prepare for the future. The ascent and durability of platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has helped democratize the market and create wealth where it did not exist. Lillian offers the same opportunity but with a greater benefit of a better, healthier world. The future of health and wealth is Lillian’s mission. 

View the Whitepaper

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Lillan White  Icon Logo.png

LYF Token

Quick Buy via Uniswap

Connect your wallet to buy. Alternatively, see below for more methods to purchase.

Contract Address: 0xc3dBD99da846ea38d34430D852795684a211428B

Step 1: Install ERC20 Wallet for Chrome
Go to (Coinbase, metamask,) and install the chrome extension. Follow the steps from the guide to set up a wallet.

Step 2: Send ETH to Wallet
You can either buy through wallet, or transfer from another wallet or exchange.

Step 3: Connect to Uniswap
Go to and click the “ Use Uniswap” button. When Wallet asks for your approval – signature, go ahead and sign it.

Step 4: Swap your ETH for Lillian Finance
Now you can swap your ETH for Lillian Finance (Ly). Set your slippage* to 15% and buy an even amount of Lillian (Ly). Add your desired ETH amount and the correct Lillian amount will be calculated. Click on the “Swap” button to finalize the trade. Make sure to set “fast transaction speed” in wallet.

*When Uniswap traffic is more elevated than usual, you may want to increase your slippage

Centralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges

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